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Just like in any country, starting a business in Qatar takes planning, knowledge and commitment. While a new business venture or expansion is never necessarily easy to put into place, with the right support and a team of professionals on your side, you can save a lot of time, money and stress.

To start a business in Qatar, you need to work through many predefined processes in order to satisfy legislation and regulations. While these processes can be a veritable minefield to navigate through by yourself, the team here at Ansari Auditors Qatar has the firsthand experience necessary to cut straight through the red tape and get to the very heart of the matter. In fact, we are so well versed in helping new businesses in Qatar that we can take care of everything for you – all you need to do is provide us with the relevant details, fees and signatures.

Steps to be followed in the registration of a Qatar company:

Identifying the appropriate Qatari national as partner or if the case the preparation and follow up of required documentation & processing application for 100% owned business at the Ministry of Business and Trade:

  • Obtaining name approval for new company.

  • Obtaining activity approval for new company.

  • Bank Account opening with the minimum share capital 

  • Preparation of the Articles of the Association for the company.

  • Processing necessary documentation and assisting in the attestations from the Ministry of Justice.

  • Preparation of necessary documentation & Processing Application for registration with the Chamber of Commerce.

  • Preparing documentation & processing the application for Company Registration with the Ministry of Business & Trade.

  • Preparing the documentation & processing the Application for Municipality License.

  • Preparing the documentation & Processing Application for Immigration Card for the Company.

  • Once the company has been incorporated and the Commercial Registration issued, the share capital can be released to the company’s directors or the general manager for the purposes of running the company.


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