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Q1: What are the legal structures of the companies in Qatar ?

ANS: The types of companies that a business entrepreneur could consider forming in Qatar are the following:-

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)

  • Foreign Company Branches

  • Commercial Agencies

  • Representative Trade Offices

  • General Partnership Company

  • Limited Share Partnership Company

  • Holding Company

  • Public Shareholding Company

  • Joint Venture

Q2: What are the procedures to register a Limited Liability Company in Qatar ?


  • Identifying the appropriate Qatari national as partner 

  • Obtaining name approval for new company.

  • Obtaining activity approval for new company.

  • Bank Account opening with the share capital agreed among partners.

  • Preparation of the Articles of the Association for the company.

  • Processing necessary documentation and assisting in the attestations from the Ministry of Justice.

  • Preparation of necessary documentation & Processing Application for registration with the Chamber of Commerce.

  • Preparing documentation & processing the application for Company Registration with the Ministry of Business & Trade.

  • Preparing the documentation & processing the Application for Municipality License.

  • Preparing the documentation & Processing Application for Immigration Card for the Company.

  • Applying for the required number of visas at the Ministry of Labor.

  • Applying for the Tax Card at the Ministry of Finance within 30 days of Commercial Registration.

Q3:  What are the major obligations that one must comply with when doing business in Qatar?

  1. Make sure to display the commercial register and license in a prominent place at the licensed site to avoid committing a legal violation.

  2. It is necessary to place the license number on your shop’s sign to avoid committing any violations or being subject to penalties

  3. It is prohibited to house workers on the shop’s premises. If you are providing workers with housing within the shop, you must remove them immediately to avoid any penalties.

  4. To avoid legal liability, make sure to renew the commercial register and licenses 30 days before their expiry.

  5. Make sure to update information relating to the commercial register and commercial licenses in case of any changes.

  6. Make sure to obtain the necessary approvals from concerned parties before signing the lease contract for service activities in a residential area.

  7. When choosing a service activity in a residential area, make sure to comply with the urban planning and organizational standards by visiting the branches of the ministry in the area.

  8. It is your duty as a merchant to provide detailed invoices to consumers. The invoice must be in Arabic in addition to any another language.

  9. Check the name of commercial activities before applying for a commercial register through the ministry’s mobile application or by visiting the ministry’s nearest branch.

  10. It is prohibited to conduct any commercial activity other than the activities permitted in the register and commercial license.

  11. If you wish to offer promotions or discounts, you must first obtain a license from the Market Control and Licensing Department at the consumer sector. You can seek the approval through the electronic services of the Ministry:

  12. Please obtain preliminary approval from the Commercial Licenses department before signing the lease contract for the site to be licensed

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