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Our IFRS team has significant experience from a large number of IFRS engagements executed over the past years. Our professionals have across the board experience in helping clients plan and execute complex and challenging IFRS conversions, and can provide assistance with different facets of the implementation process. We help clients to successfully manage the change to IFRS by preparing for it. We ensure that our clients plan/understand the transition process and anticipate issues that their business will face on using the IFRS converge standards by helping companies in:

  • Evaluating the potential impacts of IFRS on the organization.

  • Carrying out readiness review for IFRS conversion.

  • Implementing plan for IFRS conversion, including training and research support.

  • Developing plan for sustainability.

  • Designing and implementing control frameworks.

  • Streamlining statutory financial reporting process.

At Ansari Auditors, we are working towards aligning the business processes and reporting requirements for meeting the IFRS Requirements. Certainly, we can help you to comply with IFRS requirements by doing the gap analysis against the requirements and support organization to prepare them to implement the process required for same.


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