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One Person Company

A One Person Company refers to a company in which every economic activity and its full share capital is held by one natural or corporate person.


  • The company should have an Article of Association stating its rules, data, and procedures of its entry and registration. Such a company shall not have a corporate personality before its registration. The name of the company shall be linked with the name of the holder of is share capital followed by the words “One Person Company (O.P.C)”.

  • The company must have a minimum capital of QR 200,000 (two hundred thousand Qatari Riyals), paid in full. Such share capital may include shares in kind, whose value is estimated by professional experts.

  • The company shall be managed by the holder of its share capital, who may appoint one or more managers to represent the company in its transactions. The company’s owner shall be responsible from his own assets for company obligations, unless he separates his personal interests from that of the company. The company shall be dissolved upon the death of the holder of its share capital, unless the shares of the heirs is held by one person, or the heirs select to continue the company in another legal form.


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