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Public Shareholding Company

A Public Share holding Company is a company whose capital is divided into shares of equal value, which are transferable.
Shareholders of a Public Share holding Company are not liable for the company’s obligations except for the amount of the nominal value of the shares for which they subscribe.


  •  A Public Share holding Company should have a minimum of five shareholders and in all cases the name of the company should be followed by the words “Qatari Public Share holding Company”.

  • Subscription to the shares of the company shall remain open for not lesser than two weeks and not more than four weeks. Founders may extend the subscription period by another two weeks if shares are not fully subscribed, after obtaining the consent of the Ministry. 

  • A Public Shareholding Company shall have a definite term, which should be indicated in the Memorandum of Association and in the Articles of Association, in accordance with a format issued by a Ministerial Decree. The fixed term of a Public Shareholding Company may be extended by an extra ordinary resolution of the General Assembly.

  • The capital of a Public Shareholding Company should not be less than QR 10,000,000 (Ten Million Qatari Riyals). The nominal value of each share may be less than QR 10, subject to the Ministry’s approval.

  • A Company may purchase its shares for the purpose of selling them in accordance with the rules determined by the Qatar Financial Markets Authority. 


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